SEMPSA JP, LBMA Good Delivery Refinery Launches Tokenized Gold and Silver on the Blockchain in Partnership with Aurus

Madrid, Spain, October 25, 2022, Chainwire

Senpsa JPhas partnered with Good Delivery, a leading precious metal smelter in Spain. Auras We provide gold and silver backed digital tokens to a network of bullion dealers. Sold by five precious metal dealers affiliated with SEMPSA JP gold When silver Tokens to the wider retail market via e-commerce stores. The refinery has tokenized an initial allocation of 3 kg. gold and 25 kilograms. Silver bullion using the Aurus blockchain protocol.

Aurus is a decentralized global software platform that facilitates the tokenization of precious metals on the blockchain. tGOLD and tSILVER tokens are backed by 1 gram of 99.99% gold and 99.9% silver respectively. Aurus Tokens offer investors a convenient and affordable alternative to physical bullion with no recurring storage fees, instant payments from mobile devices and 24/7 real-time trading. has the added advantage of

tGOLD and tSILVER are available now at:

●Andrano Joy Area (Barcelona, ​​Bilbao)

● CIODE (Madrid)

● InverMoneda (Malaga, Cadiz, Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Seville)

● Oro Express (Madrid)

● Oro Hispanica (Madrid)

All five bullion dealers offer physical redemption services, allowing customers to redeem their tGOLD and tSILVER tokens for physical precious metal bars and coins at any time.

tGOLD and tSILVER tokens are now available at:

“At SEMPSA JP, we always aim to innovate the entire value chain in the production of precious metals by working with our customers to provide the best products. access to the precious metals industry in a highly secure, portable, divisible, and liquid form. We are happy to accelerate.” – Francisco Espinosa, CEO of SEMPSA JP.

“We are proud to work with SEMPSA JP to improve the accessibility and usability of precious metals to the mass market by leveraging blockchain technology. Now anyone can easily buy gold and silver 24 We can buy, store and trade 24/7 at minimal cost.This partnership greatly supports our vision of creating a more inclusive and efficient precious metals marketplace.” – Aurus CEO, Mr. Guido van Stijn.


Founded in 1920 and part of the Heimerle+Meule Group, SEMPSA JP is Spain’s oldest refinery and a trusted supplier of precious metals to mints, dealers and jewelers worldwide. The only Spanish company with the LBMA Good Delivery Certificate for both gold and silver, it is a pioneer in the refining, metallurgical engineering and processing of precious metals. SEMPSA JP offers a wide variety of fine metals, coin blanks and alloys in a variety of formats, offering customized products and full service support to a global network of customers.

About Aurus

Aurus is a decentralized blockchain infrastructure that powers digital assets anchored in gold, silver and platinum, creating a more inclusive and efficient precious metals marketplace. The Aurus Ecosystem is a highly scalable and autonomous network of precious metals businesses that independently mints and globally distributes gold, silver and platinum backed tokens.

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SEMPSA JP – Agencia Omnicom

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Belén Sanzano

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