Seneca Eyes New Heights with Solo Auction Debut

When people think of the highest-grossing NFT artists of all time, many think of Beeple, Pak, X-COPY, and more. But despite individual success, nothing comes close to the immense volume achieved by mighty people. SenecaIn 2021, Seneca was the lead designer for the BAYC collection. Now she left the apathetic ape in the dust and embarked on her solo her auction her debut.

Since its eventful first foray into the NFT industry, Seneca has carved a name for itself as a legitimate powerhouse of contemporary art. Now that the burden of 2D monkey commissions has been lifted, Seneca can focus on what really sparks creativity. The artist is now producing a new series of deeply personal images that speak from the soul rather than the outline of the client.

Her latest collection includes three unique artworks that explore the realms of invocation, emergence, endurance and persistence.A new collection called “Portrait of Seneca” A glimpse beneath the shadowy veil of the master artist. New pieces are placed under the hammer via the Phillips auction site. November 29th – December 2ndSo, as the BAYC NFTs continue to decline, their spiritual life giver continues her upward journey.

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