Shiba Inu Shibarium on verge of beta version launch

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Shiba Inu hinted at the launch of Shibarium in a recent blog post, stating that a beta rollout is imminent.

In late December 2022, lead developer Toshitoshi Kusama’s cryptic tweet from a year ago resurfaced, stating that by the end of 2022, “the chess pieces will start to slide” and “then the real fun begins.” I was.

At the time of the tweet, there were few contextual clues Kusama could be referring to, but by the end of 2022, much of the Shiba Inu community believed the message was related to the release of Sibarium. I assumed.

Shiba Inu calls patience

Recent blog post We made it clear that “this is a gradual release”, prioritizing developing Shibarium “correctly” and “responsibly” rather than rushing the final product.

“Avoid asking Wen, because the answer will always be ‘Soon’.” With that said, we are nearing the finishing touches to the Sivalium Beta and its imminent launch. ”

The post called for patience, adding that Shibarium’s goal is to realize Ryoshi’s vision and develop a means by which the community can “build and grow the project on their own terms.”

Accordingly, this post has detailed Shibarium’s key concepts to educate users ahead of the beta release.

What is Sibarium?

Shibarium is a DeFi-focused Layer 2 that runs on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain, bringing “scalability, faster transaction times, reduced fees, and an expanded development framework.”

In the face of more demanding Web3 applications such as blockchain games and the metaverse, Sibarium plans to tackle the high cost and slow speed issues associated with current existing blockchain limitations.

“Blockchain technology is becoming commonplace as the Web 3 evolves. Some of the biggest obstacles to mainstream adoption are the cost and speed of transactions.”

Shiba Inu developers hope the technology will offload the ETH blockchain and improve the trustless and decentralized Web3 user experience.

The BONE token will be the native currency of Sibarium used for gas fee payments, validator and delegator rewards, and governance functions.

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