Sibos 2022: TFT’s Day One Roundup From Amsterdam

Siboth We are back as an in-person event in 2022 – More than 9,300 members of the financial industry will meet in Amsterdam or through digital conferencing services.

Queen Maxima of the Netherlands hosted annual conferences, exhibitions and networking events. fast At the RAI Convention Center in Amsterdam. she is, united nations Since 2009, he has been the Secretary-General’s Special Advocate for Inclusive Development Financing (UNSGSA).

Queen Maxima shared insights on the role of industry and policymakers in improving digital access to responsible and affordable financial services. “We have a chance today to go beyond doing no harm in actually doing good to be better customers,” she said. It’s very encouraging for financial health.”

This was followed by CEO of SWIFT, Javier Perez Tasso He shares his views over the past 12 months, upcoming industry challenges, and SWIFT’s role in addressing them.

“We face a variety of challenges, including pandemics, geopolitics and new technologies that are further fragmenting the global financial industry.” Focusing on opportunities to bring us together, we aim for global cooperation. . As such, we believe we are perfectly positioned to be part of a solution that addresses this fragmentation. “

go to space

Meanwhile, the opening keynote of this year’s Swift Innotribe was delivered by a Dutch astronaut. Andre Kuipers.

He shared interesting insights about his unique experience in space and explained how fellow astronauts commented. We went to the moon and discovered Earth. “


Inotribe Tribal Gathering then hosted. Leda Gryptis Chief Client Office of 10x banking, I heard your vision for the future of money in 2040.

  • Lisa MoyleChief Strategy Officer VC Innovations, “We need to move from owning to accessing. We use what we need, when we need it.”
  • Ulyana Steibel CEO of quoroom“Digital identities will be unified and we will see many interconnected metaverses.”
  • Louise Smith Chair, innovation finance“The future of money has nothing to do with money. It’s about privacy, reputation, respect, fairness, and doing the right thing.”


sustainable focus

later, Ravi MenonManaging Director Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) He provided his views on how cross-border payments can be transformed and how fintech can build a more inclusive society and a sustainable planet.

“Sustainable finance is a powerful enabler of the net-zero transition the world needs,” he commented.

while the panel containing Julia RomhoneyGlobal Head of Securities Services Unicredit; Pierre Davouthead of the central securities depository Euronext; Olivier Grimmonpont Product management, market liquidity euroclear When Javier Hernanihead of securities services six We have explained what is preventing the immediate settlement of securities.

  • Hernani: “If you want to settle things digitally, you need a CBDC. It would be silly to settle for Bitcoin or Ethereum.”
  • Davoust: “In an environment where trade is settled T+1, it is very difficult to manage time constraints.”
  • Romhanyi: “I don’t think the current technology exists yet, or the technology that does exist is not yet widely used…but looking more closely, I think there will be instant payments.”


Stirling engine

In the afternoon, Ann BodenFounder and CEO sterling bank He explained how Challenger Bank is keen to talk with the industry about its cloud-native SaaS banking platform, Engine by Starling.

“We came to Sibos to talk to banks around the world about our Stirling engine proposal. .

“I am a techie at heart, and when I built Starling, I created a list of 17 things that were hindering our customers’ ability to offer great service at an affordable price. I’m going to build a platform that solves this,” and did it. This is the next stage of our journey. “

Ann Boden

In the “Fighting Cybercrime in Uncertain Times” panel, Ben Lindgreen head of cyber resistance Pay.UK, Participant feature Bronwyn BoyleCISOs William Hoffman ManbuCISOs Deutsche Bank, Tami Hudson, of cybersecurity client officers wells fargo When Nicholas TrimverFraud Prevention and CDO Cash Management Officer BNP Paribas.

  • Boyle: “There’s been a really big shift in cybersecurity in the UK. It’s not always working together and competing.”
  • Hoffman: “What we need to do is be open to share best practices. But let’s shine a light on what we do…”
  • Hudson: “Fear of possible retribution if a company were to be hit by a cyberattack and publicly disclosed it remains very strong. , you shouldn’t.”
signed book

Finally, award-winning writers and authors Emmanuel Daniel Founder of asian banker He was at the Fintech Times and Fintech Power 50 stand (DIS 05) to sign his latest book. Big shift: personalization of finance is here.

If you miss Daniel, he’ll be back on Tuesdays from 11:00 to 12:00 and then from 14:00 to 15:00. On October 13th he will join us again from 11:00 to 12:00.

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