SIMBA Chain and Equideum Health Announce Partnership To Build Web3 Health Data Exchange

South Bend, Indiana, July 20, 2022, Chainwire

The SIMBA chain is announcing a new partnership for the global healthcare and life sciences industry with Equideum Health, a web3 and blockchain-based health company formerly known as ConsenSysHealth. This collaboration aims to significantly enhance global health care by building a decentralized market. Equidium ExchangeTo allow individuals to monetize their health and health-related data.

SIMBA Chain’s State-of-the-art Blockchain Solution Integration of SIMBA Block and Equideum Health Elevated calculationThe TM platform will significantly accelerate both blockchain interoperability and the integration of healthcare and life sciences supply chain data into the new Web3 data economy enabled by Equideum Exchange. Development of the Equideum Exchange is expected to be completed by the first quarter of 2023 in collaboration with Nokia, Nokia Bell Labs, Microsoft, Intel, and ConsenSys, current partners of Equideum Health. Equideum Exchange users (including pharmaceutical and Medtech companies, public and global health authorities) protect data and privacy for clinical, demographic health, health economics, patient-centric results research, and machine learning. You can get the analysis calculation result. Purpose. These users will have access to more and more consistent long-term data resources that are not available today, with the fine-grained, verifiable, enforceable consent and financial participation of individual data subjects. Will be.

With the integration of SIMBA blocks, Equideum Health seamlessly enables protocol interoperability between blockchains across health data applications, resulting in significant cost savings. All user data provided will remain fully decentralized and anonymous unless you explicitly agree that the user will be identified. Users also have the option to set specific conditions regarding the use of data, such as time limits and objectives, guaranteed by smart contracts and Equideum. Health’s consumer-centric data policy validation and enforcement tools for enterprises.

The Health Data Platform is part of Equideum Health’s advancement in the Health 3.0 paradigm, also known as Web3 Read / Write-an extension of its own concept, “Ownership Health.” This vision identifies health and health-related personal data that is tailored to the data subject and used to provide high-precision healthcare that can be directly controlled and monetized by that data subject. This allows individuals to financially benefit from transactions containing data about themselves while curating much higher quality data with verifiable history for scientific and global health purposes. increase.

“We are proud to be able to participate in major advances in global health care systems that leverage blockchain technology. Using SIMBA blocks in the development of Equideum Exchange provides a secure and reliable environment for the long term. An interoperable cross-blockchain solution for health data, automated health claim arbitrage, interoperability, online patient access, and supply chain management. Equideum Health Healthcare and Life Sciences. As a new lead partner for SIMBA Chain, SIMBA Chain will enter a new industry that is expected to generate many valuable projects in the coming months and years, “said Brian Ritchie, CEO of SIMBA Chain. increase.

“Adding the SIMBA chain as a lead partner in our blockchain-based supply chain initiative unleashes strategic value in critical moments. Global supply chain for resilience, adaptability, security, and health equity. “We will design,” said Heather Leigh Flannery, founder and CEO of Equideum Health. “Furthermore, by integrating our platform, our partnership addresses one of the industry’s biggest barriers to the adoption of blockchain technology. Decentralized, created for one blockchain ecosystem. I’m deeply concerned that the application isn’t an interoperable cross-chain. Instead of fixing issues with siled, underutilized data, this could create more data silos. Our industry continues to struggle with the legacy of non-interoperable electronic health records. It is important that the new exponential technology layered on top does not exacerbate the problem. “

About SIMBA chain

SIMBAChain (short for Simple Blockchain Applications) simplifies the development of blockchain apps by removing the associated complexity and making technology accessible to everyone, regardless of blockchain know-how. .. The platform is designed to automatically generate APIs that support both public and private blockchains and be easily adopted by developers through drag-and-drop smart contract construction. Incubated SIMBA chains at the University of Notre Dame allow customers to deploy blockchain applications without spending significant time and resources hiring consultants and technical professionals. The SIMBA chain’s cloud-based platform makes it easy for developers, businesses, universities, and anyone else to build a Web3.0 solution.

About Equideum Health

Equideum Health (formerly ConsenSys Health), Microsoft and ConsenSys With a partner ConsenSys mesh Portfolio companies are building a Web3 personal-centric healthcare and research network called Data Integrity and Learning Networks (DILN). DILN features self-sovereign identity, fine-grained verifiable consent, a high degree of privacy protection, and distributed data liquidity across corporate and personal data silos. DILN is an implementation of the company’s Elevated ComputeTM platform with Ethereum, tokenization, distributed artificial intelligence (AI), and sensitive computing. Equideum Health’s DILN improves people’s health and clinical outcomes by prioritizing people with uniquely complex healthcare needs and impacting access, equity, quality, personalization, involvement and empowerment. I am aiming for that. For more information,

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