Singapore Unveils Hub to Help Scale ESG Fintechs Through Partnerships

of Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has launched a new hub to facilitate colocation and collaboration among environmental, social and governance (ESG) fintech start-ups and solution providers, financial institutions and real economy stakeholders.

15 ESG fintechs and organizations have already been established in the ESG Hub. equilibrium AI, Provider of ESG management and reporting software, Japanese bank Bank of Mitsubishi UFJ When World Wide Generation (WWG)Sustainability Assurance Fintech Company

The hub is located in The Great Room of Afro-Asia Building in Singapore and supports industry-led sustainability initiatives such as the Point Carbon Zero also helps KPMGThe ESG Business Foundry is a six-month accelerator program specifically designed to expand ESG Fintech.

MAS will also continue to engage key stakeholders in building the hub’s on-site community and foster partnerships to enhance financial sector access to high-quality climate and sustainability data, and to promote green and sustainable Supports more efficient deployment of capital to possible projects.

The Hub aims to advance Singapore’s ESG ecosystem in three ways.
Growing ESG Fintech

This hub facilitates the discovery, scaling, and deployment of technology solutions that address the ESG needs of businesses and financial institutions. It focuses on the accurate measurement, reporting and verification of climate and sustainability data.

ESG enablers take hold

MAS engages knowledge partners, financial institutions and investors to organize major ESG initiatives from its hub, including ESG fintech accelerator programs, training and development workshops, and thought leadership events.

Support for ESG stakeholders

MAS works with the hub community to deploy its programs and solutions to drive tangible, quantifiable impact that supports sectoral transition efforts. Green Finance Industry Task Force (GFIT).

Future Plans

According to MAS, the establishment of the ESG Impact Hub is a significant global milestone. project green printjourney to build Singapore’s vibrant and robust ESG ecosystempowered by technology and data.

“This physical hub reinforces MAS’ plans to launch a digital greenprint marketplace next year to foster the growth of the region’s online ESG community. It serves as a starting point for public-private partnerships that will assist in the transition to Dr. Darien McBainChief Sustainability Officer, MAS.

in the meantime, mandurah lee WWG CEO and Founder said: future.

“WWG is thrilled to have been selected to power SGX’s ESGenome Disclosure Portal with the G17Eco platform and is very excited to establish the ASEAN Regional Headquarters in Singapore from Impact Hub.
We plan to meet and collaborate with other Impact Hub members soon. ”

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