Snap shows off new Snapchat AR experiences

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Snap CEO Evan Spiegel announced today at the 5th Annual Snap Partner Summit 2023, Snapchat’s many augmented reality experiences for consumers.

Snap is currently less focused on creating games of its own, but is adding AR features that make Snapchat a more interesting gaming platform and provide a more game-like experience. We are also adding more AI to the platform.

“Thank you for all the creativity you have shared with Snapchatters around the world,” said Spiegel. “With 750 million people using his Snapchat every month, and in over 20 countries, he reaches the majority of people aged 13 to his 34 years old. We all love Snapchat because it delivers.”

He said that another focus of Snapchat is more on episodic communication than attention, and that people are “tired of social media popularity contests.”


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he said: Tired of competing for likes and comments. I’m tired of misinformation. ”


Snap has partnerships with many music festivals.

Snap continues to enhance the live music experience by building a multi-year partnership with Live Nation. He currently brings his custom AR experiences to 16 of the world’s biggest festivals, including New York’s Governors Ball and Lollapalooza Paris.

We are also introducing a new integration with Disguise, the industry leader in live event visualization, bringing Snap AR to the world’s largest venues and tours. During the show, fans can watch AR visuals through his Snapchat camera interacting with the visual production on stage.

The company has also teamed up with one of the world’s most famous DJs, Kygo, to bring AR to some live shows this summer.


AR sneakers from Snap.

Snap also detailed AR Enterprise Services (ARES), which brings Snap’s suite of AR technologies beyond Snapchat to customer-owned and operated apps and websites.

ARES brings technology to customers’ own apps, websites and stores. ARES’ first product for retailers, the Shopping Suite, is already showing success in helping businesses improve brand loyalty, reduce product returns and differentiate themselves in a competitive environment. said Brooke Berry, head of talent development at Snap, during his keynote address.

Thanks to Shopping Suite, partners can offer shoppers new ways to check out products.
Try on apparel and accessories in 3D, AR, and receive fit recommendations with AI. The Shopping Suite consists of 5 features such as 3D Viewer, AR Try-On and Fit Finder to make it easier for retailers to shop with confidence, making it simple, fast and easy for retailers to create and manage his AR. and make it cost-effective.

There is an AR try-on feature that allows shoppers to try on new styles of clothing, shoes, and accessories in real time. This includes clothing try-on technology that allows shoppers to upload their own photos to instantly see what the product will look like, and accessory try-on technology that allows shoppers to interact directly with the product in an AR experience directly from the product detail page. It is included.

It also features a 3D viewer, an interactive product visualization experience that allows shoppers to see every angle and detail of an item. There’s also Fit Finder, an AI technology that provides shoppers with highly accurate fit and size recommendations for their unique body shape and fit preferences.

It also has Enterprise Manager, a front-end dashboard and back-end infrastructure for managing and creating AR assets, implementing the Shopping Suite SDK, creating AR experiences, and managing a 3D asset catalog for consumer engagement and conversion.

AR mirror

Today, Snap introduced a new ARES service called AR Mirror. AR mirror is power and
AR creativity in corporate physical spaces and events so that customers can try them out virtually
Encourage content creation and sharing by playing with engaging and fun experiences about your products.
Receive helpful guides and explanations to learn more about the products you see in store.

82% more brands are creating innovative experiences like virtual try-on and using AR in stores
Likely to be recommended to others, AR Mirror is a must add to your store.retail brands like
Men’s Wearhouse and Nike already use AR mirrors to enhance the in-store experience, and Snap is now installing AR mirrors in Men’s Wearhouse stores to help shoppers get ready for prom and weddings. increase.

Snapchat+ and Bitmoji

Live location sharing for snap maps.

He said Snapchat+, a subscription service that provides access to experimental features, now has more than 3 million subscribers. Next month, Verizon customers will be able to subscribe as part of his Verizon +play platform.

Bitmoji’s style has changed quite a bit since its inception and continues to evolve. Soon Snap will introduce a new look that uses realistic dimensions, shading, and lighting to make your avatar more expressive and more like yourself.

A Snapchat user’s avatar is a true reflection of themselves, instantly recognizable to their friends. Sneakerheads and fashionistas alike love updating their outfits. In fact, 74% of his Snapchat users wear Bitmoji from the same brands he wears in real life, Spiegel said.

Snapchat users are also proud to be the first to show off the new Bitmoji swag, he said. Converse has become a fan favorite, and Snapchatters wear his Bitmoji from his Converse collection over 3.5.
Billions of times since launch last year.

Snap also brings digital fashion from brands like Marvel to the Bitmoji community. Fans can now accessorize his Bitmoji with iconic apparel inspired by some of the Marvel Universe’s most beloved characters.

And just a few months ago, we introduced the first-ever Bitmoji Drop, where Snapchatters can use Snap Tokens to unlock exclusive clothing. Now Snapchatters have new ways to discover digital fashion, and partners have the opportunity to bring their brands to new dimensions. Bitmoji’s fashion marketplace is growing, with more coming later this year.

Spiegel also said that nearly 1.7 billion Bitmoji have been created. This is up from his billion last year, and soon these avatars will emerge into a new dimension with new styles that feel more expressive, personal, and real.

Snap is also launching a Stories revenue share program to allow more creators to participate. The program places ads within stories of select creators and offers regular cash payments for real “behind the scenes” content.

Story Revenue Share creators are posting to Snapchat more often, and the total amount of time Snapchatters spent watching creator Stories in the US Revenue Share program more than doubled year-over-year .

Snap is also bringing creator content to new surfaces in the app, such as Snap Map, making it easy to find in Stories and Spotlight, which now has over 350 million monthly active users. Time spent watching Spotlight content increased more than 170% year-over-year.

Snap Maps can now be viewed in 3D. This is because the company has reconstructed places, buildings and sights to bring them to life in three dimensions. Snap also has a location sharing mode (Live Location) that updates in the background so you can seamlessly stay in touch with your closest friends. This makes it easy to see each other on the go.

AR platform

Snap’s ARES platform.

Snap is introducing a new generation of lenses powered by generative AI. Cosmic Lens is now available worldwide and helps Snapchat users transform themselves and their world into his sci-fi animations his scenes.

According to Spiegel, Snap is testing new ways to speed up adding AR to memory. With the Snapchat camera, the community can see recent shots alongside a lens in a carousel at the bottom of the screen, so past snap inspiration is at hand when it strikes.

Snap is starting to recommend lenses related to photos and videos taken by Snapchat users. Combined, the lenses are displayed dynamically according to the moment. Over the next few months, he will let Snapchatters discover more lens recommendations when people and pets are in the frame.

According to Spiegel, the company plans to add more interactive lens types soon.

“Snapchat users can also complete puzzles and play games together face-to-face,” he said.

my AI

Since its launch in February, My AI has been used by millions of Snapchat+ subscribers, sending nearly 2 million chat messages per day.

My AI is rolling out to Snapchat users around the world with some new features. Now, Snapchatters can add My AI to group chats, easily get place recommendations with Snap Maps and Lenses, and send Snaps to visually advance conversations.

Snap also offers new personalization features, such as the ability to create custom Bitmojis for My AI. Soon, Snapchat+ subscribers will be able to receive their generated Snaps from My AI.

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