Snitch: NFT Accessories for the Physical World

Anyone involved in the NFT space will tell you that fashion and digital assets have an unshakable bond. After all, who better dressed up than your average boring monkey? Snitchis a Web3 startup that is making history by developing cutting-edge NFT fashion accessories.

These accessories are unique in that they allow NFT enthusiasts to express their style while maintaining sustainability.

Styling with NFTs

The way Snitch makes its users more stylish is with a physical NFT device that you wear like a necklace. On the face of the device, users can connect and display their girlfriend’s NFT as a fashion accessory. Many NFTs already have great visuals, and now you can incorporate them into different outfits, adding even more utility to your assets.

In its first run, Snitch will only release 500 necklaces for pre-order, and the design of the accessory will change monthly. The company has also hinted at some collaborations with well-known brands in the future.Overall, Snitch’s aim seems to be to connect accessories to his NFTs to better serve users. am.

As Snitch CEO, Arseny Furtavtsov “We want the device itself to be collectible. So each configuration of the device drops only once. You can’t find the same snitch in another drop.”

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