STAR Unveils Opportunity for Japanese SMEs to Gain International Prestige

Chainwire, Tokyo, Japan, May 9, 2023

of Star The project is a new initiative to help Japanese SMEs achieve international recognition and prestige. The project aims to reveal valuable products, technologies and know-how of SMEs.

Equipped with an advanced ecosystem, the project opens up new opportunities for mutual benefits between Japanese and overseas partners.

A project with a clear goal

The STAR project has clear goals. It is to help Japanese SMEs effectively communicate their products and technologies. Through this project, small businesses can gain access to funds that can be used to reinvest in their business.

Foreign companies can also take advantage of this program. Specifically, foreign companies may purchase products, technology and know-how from Japanese SMEs and partner with them. Ultimately, the project aims to revive the economy of Japan and the world and create a sustainable future.

This initiative will help Japanese SMEs market their valuable products and technologies to overseas companies. A win-win situation is possible when both parties benefit from the successful exchange of goods and services.

Where did this initiative come from?

This initiative began with the desire to maximize the potential of Japanese technology. Despite its economic potential, Japan still lags behind other countries in its Global Innovation Index 2021 overall score.

This suggests that there are problems beyond the technical capacity of the economy that need to be addressed. One such issue seems to be public relations. Japanese tend to glorify modesty, and many people mistake this attitude for poor presentation skills.

STAR improves the capabilities of companies and closes the gap between Japan’s technological prowess and its score on the global innovation index. Japanese SMEs and foreign-affiliated companies can have a greater impact on the global market through their high technological capabilities and extensive public relations activities.

How STAR intends to target the market

STAR targets both Japanese SMEs and foreign companies. STAR’s platform aggregates the products, technologies, and know-how of SMEs and attracts overseas companies.

We provide a variety of support for overseas companies to set foot in Japan and develop products. In addition, STAR accepts “StartupersCoin”, a token used by foreign companies for payment of platform services.

SMEs can re-evaluate their products, technology and know-how and reinvest in their own companies, especially abroad, to gain returns. This strategy is intended to benefit both Japanese SMEs and foreign companies. Ultimately, STAR aims to revitalize the economy not only of Japan but also of the world as a whole and create a sustainable world.

STAR’s AUCTION is a platform designed to facilitate transactions between foreign companies and Japanese SMEs. All foreign companies that register with AUCTION are screened to ensure their credibility. Companies that pass the screening can participate in an auction-style bidding process for benefits, as shown below.

During the auction, each participant will be required to disclose various business details. If a company wins the privilege, it will be able to trade products containing sensitive information.

About Star

Star is a platform that connects Japanese and overseas companies and promotes mutual development. Starting from Japan, we aim to increase the number of companies that foster world peace and sustainability through our philosophy.

Japanese companies have traditionally grown based on the concept of wa, and employees have formed strong ties within the company. STAR intends to take advantage of this fertile business environment and act as a growth facilitator.

The team is gearing up for the listing event at Bitmart on May 10th. In this rapidly expanding situation, the team hopes to create an environment of mutual understanding and support between companies around the world.

If you want to know more about STAR, website and of the team twitter page.


M.Sasaki, STAR, [email protected]

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