Swan Embeds Accounts, Cards and Payments As No-Code Banking Interfaces Open-Sourced

swanThe embedded financial organization open-sourced its no-code banking interface and reduced time-to-market for new pilots by 75%. Swan seeks to open up opportunities for businesses of all kinds to embed financial functionality such as accounts, cards and payments into their services.

So far, BaaS enterprise interfaces have allowed enterprises to do this without extensive development work. With Swan’s sandbox, prospects can start building products without waiting for a demo or talking to a rep. This means businesses can start creating with just a few clicks.

We took it one step further by open sourcing our no-code banking interface. Customers can now start their projects with a full-featured banking app. You also have the option to fully customize it to your specific requirements.

For example, Swan built and localized the entire Know Your Customer/Know Your Business (KYC/KYB) process. The system is used in banking transactions to verify identity and collect required documents during the account opening process.by building with Swan open source Once the code is written, developers can copy/paste the entire process and tweak the copy and design to reflect their brand. This flexibility allows companies to streamline their development process and save significant time and resources.

“Swan is a technology company for technology companies, helping them reap the benefits of embedded finance wherever their technology is at its stage of maturity. In a dynamic industry, we are radically simplifying everything we can.And it takes less and less time for companies to incorporate finance.In the past, the most complex integrations could take up to six months. something happened.” Mathieu BretonSwan CTO.

“Using Swan open source cuts that down to a month. As a result, many products are literally up and running in hours or days.”

Open source software has source code that is freely available to the public. It can be used by anyone to access, modify and meet their needs. Some of the world’s most influential technology companies (LinkedIn, Netflix, uber) has a large codebase that is all open source. This will enable developers around the world to act quickly. The goal of open sourcing Swan is to support European innovation by making it much easier to embed banking functionality and user experience.

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