Taiwanese Temple Brings NFTs to its Pilgrimage

Have you heard of temples selling digital tokens? Taiwanese temple Dajia Jenn Lann is doing just that, selling thousands of NFTs to attract local pilgrims.

Located in Taichung, about 100 miles south of Taipei, the temple attracts thousands of devotees as it hosts a nine-day, 100-mile journey adorned with a statue of the sea goddess Mazu. .Participants can now purchase mazdao NFTs. Since the NFT launched in August, the temple has sold more than his 2,800 of these tokens through the e-commerce platform MazuBuyBuy.

Who is buying Taiwanese temple NFTs?

Due to the popularity of the pilgrimage, many estimate that the trip alone will generate more than NT$5 billion ($163 million). Now, with Temple selling her NFTs to appeal to a digital native generation interested in digital assets, she’s attracting a younger audience in addition to her already ardent older followers.

Jerry Yan, project lead at MazuDAO, said: follower. “I often call my grandchildren and ask them to help me and set up a crypto wallet for them,” he said.

We have previously seen temples making their way into the Web3 space with the Japanese Warrior Temple Metaverse project. But MazuDAO is the physical temple that provides his NFT, and that combination of elements is still rare.

The NFT space offers endless possibilities. The MazuDAO project is one such example. Moreover, this initiative is a reminder that the NFT space continues to be a fertile ground for invention, innovation, and original projects that touch multiple generations and cultures.

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