Talent Protocol supports the next generation of builders through the acquisition of Agora Labs

Lisbon, Portugal, October 5, 2022, Chainwire

talent protocolthe web3 professional community for potential builders, Agora Instituteis a social token and NFT infrastructure platform for creators to build and grow their community. The acquisition not only integrates Agora’s tech stack and community into Talent Protocol, but also brings young talented founders Matthew Espinoza (CEO) and his Freeman (CTO) to the team.

Talent Protocol, which is only a year old, saw this acquisition opportunity as another way to work towards the company’s mission to support the builders of tomorrow. Founded by Pedro Oliveira, Filipe Macedo and Andreas Vilela, the startup has been actively realizing ways to empower talented tech professionals with an entrepreneurial spirit and an interest in exploring the web3. I was.

“Agora Labs’ mission and team are perfectly aligned with what we are building at Talent Protocol. We’ve created tools and infrastructure that serve the needs of , which we’ve found to be really noteworthy and relevant to our own community.Talent Protocol and Agora Labs’ paths crossed earlier this year When we saw an opportunity to join the effort, we embraced it,” he adds.

Agora Labs was founded in 2021 by Matthew Espinoza, Freeman Zhang, Jerry Di, and Charles Nyabeze. These are all his teenage builder, leapfrogging his career and starting his own Web3 company. A little over a year journey led to this acquisition by Talent Protocol, which welcomed 20-year-old Matthew (CEO) and his 19-year-old Freeman (CTO) to the team to support their valuable early careers.

“The Web3 space is all about community and collaboration. We believe the integration of Agora’s assets and team members is how all parties involved collectively achieve success,” said co-founder of Talent Protocol. Investor and CMO Filipe Macedo commented:

Over 150,000 users have already joined Talent Protocol to create professional profiles, make meaningful connections, and access exciting opportunities. Members can also issue tokens for their careers, turning loose connections into invested supporters. A Talent Protocol account provides priority access to scholarships, opportunities, mentors, and a community that helps you succeed on web3.

“The world of work is changing, but our professional network is decades old. It’s a maddening, contactless place,” explains Filipe Macedo. It means joining forces while supporting the professional journey of our talented founders. “

“From day one, it was clear that Talent Protocol was the ideal company to acquire us. From the beginning of our conversation to signing the deal, they always had our best interests in mind. I really resonated with their mission and culture,” adds Matthew Espinoza of Agora Labs.

About Talent Protocol

talent protocol is the web3 professional community where anyone can discover high potential builders and invest in their careers. 💫

Since November 2021, over 150,000 users have registered to create web3 professional profiles, launch talent tokens and start their collective career journeys.

About Agora Lab

Agora Institute is a creator-focused platform built on the DeSo blockchain, providing tokenized creators with the infrastructure they need to build and scale web3 communities.

The platform has consistently been one of the top-ranked dapps on the DeSo blockchain, surpassing $500,000 in market cap within 24 hours of launch, and is backed by the DeSo Foundation and Harmony Protocol.


Sarah Karim, Content Lead, Talent Protocol, [email protected]

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