Tencent Unveils New Platform to Drive Low-Carbon Future

China head office Tencent has launched a new platform aimed at accelerating the development of low-carbon innovative technologies.

TanLIVE was co-developed with 10 international and local partners including: impact hub shanghai When plug and play china, Bringing together technical tools and insights to accelerate the implementation of climate solutions.

The platform aims to help connect low-carbon technology stakeholders, including entrepreneurs, investors, and research institutions.

According to Tencent, innovators continue to struggle to identify and access the resources and organizations needed to drive real change.through tan live The community provides users with a variety of resources, including funding, pilot scenarios, and contests, to spark innovation and build impact.

TanLIVE spotlights three main functions: resources, tools, and user systems.

  • resource planet Enabling companies, investors and incubators to open up supportive resources to entrepreneurs
  • tool lab Gather the policy insights, data and analytical tools you need for low carbon innovation
  • Tan LIVE Passport Consolidate user accounts from all partner sites. Also, the user can access various resources and tools with just her one integrated account.

Tool Lab provides tools and data to help innovators find local policies, open bids and investors, with additional features coming in the coming months. TanLIVE Passport connects users’ systems and eliminates the hassle of creating multiple accounts. TanLIVE also provides easy access to various low carbon platforms.

action to be taken

“There is an urgent need to address climate change and facilitate the transition to a low-carbon economy,” said Hao Xu, vice president of Tencent Sustainable Social Value (SSV) and head of Tencent Carbon Neutral Lab. said. “Transforming traditional industries to a low-carbon model requires a long value chain. Digitization can help connect the dots across the value chain, greatly improving the efficiency of driving innovation and scaling. ”

TanLIVE co-founder attended platform launch event in Shanghai. BottleDream, Nengjian, Plug and Play China, Makable, 36Tan, Impact Hub Shanghai, NEX China, Meituan Qingshan Project, BCAA and the Greentech Financing Platform.

China’s Tencent has also outlined a commitment to accelerate and scale innovation in carbon-neutral and climate technologies. The TanLIVE platform says it will help the world accelerate its carbon neutrality goals through its networked community.

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