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Plum Expands Investment Products

Smart money app Plum has expanded its investment portfolio to 3,000 US stocks.

The addition of 2,000 new shares will give clients the opportunity to purchase fractional shares in companies such as Sony Group, Airbnb, Duolingo and Credit Suisse starting at £1. UK and EU customers will have access to new inventory.

Plum launched equity investing on the app last year following the success of its automated passive investment feature for funds. The company also plans to add stock watchlists and price alerts in the coming months.

Later this year, Plum is also considering adding news features to its investment products and offering ETFs to its EU clients.

voltavo cardVoltavo card announced

Fintech startup Voltabo has developed a patent-pending cryptographic storage solution. The solution combines a biometric digital asset custody smart card with a unique vault and secure SaaS digital platform and access portal.

An integrated hardware and software solution protects digital assets by creating and managing blockchain private keys with Vaultavo cards.

Vaultavo cards can be used standalone or as part of the Vaultavo Custody Solution.

Klarpay AG Expands Global Payment Capabilities

Clapay AG expands its international payment services with the launch of 13 new currency IBAN accounts.

It allows digital businesses to collect and pay payments worldwide in AED, AUD, CAD, DKK, HKD, HUF, JPY, MXN, NOK, PLN, SEK, TRY, and ZAR via corporate Klarpay accounts. can do.

This follows the addition of USD and GBP accounts in 2022.

Offering Crypto Tax Dashboard from wrap up

Crypto tax calculator service wrap up has released the Recap dashboard, giving UK investors a single view of their crypto portfolios.

The Recap dashboard provides users with an overview of all assets, transactions, and tax estimates in one place.

It also includes automated portfolio tracking and HMRC compliant tax export.

Revolut Launches Crypto Staking

Revolut StakingRevolute, The global financial super app has introduced new crypto features. staking.

This new feature gives customers who invest in cryptocurrencies with Revolut the added benefit of earning rewards in specific tokens such as Ethereum, Cardano, Polkadot, and Tezos.

Rewards are granted in native tokens. Customers can stake their existing crypto balance of these tokens or buy and stake one or more balances of the four tokens.

Rewards are based on your staked balance. Payouts, cadence and minimum time required for staking vary by token, allowing customers to earn up to 11.65% of her APY. Staking is available in the UK and some of his EEA markets.

Introduced by Uome new POS feature

Uome Launched the application Point of Sale (aPOS) system. plaid integration. This allows Uome users to receive payments directly from their customers and clients.

Customers scan the QR code on the business owner’s phone to accept payments through Uome’s open banking solution. This allows funds to be deposited directly into the company’s bank account immediately after the customer confirms payment.

To mark the launch, Uome is waiving all aPOS fees for the first 500 businesses to sign up for the £9.99 monthly plan. For new subscribers, the aPOS transaction fee will also be waived for him for one year.

AMEX and Microsoft expense management solutions

business tripamerican express expanded partnership with microsoft We have developed a suite of solutions built on Microsoft Cloud and AI technologies, focused on reducing the “friction of travel.”

The first solution developed through this collaboration is the expense management process. Simplify and automate manual expense reporting and approvals to improve audit effectiveness. It also streamlines reconciliation and refunds for your accounting team.

Microsoft plans to pilot the solution with its employees later this year by integrating it into its internal expense system.

eCredits Launches eVault Rewards Feature

e-credits, a decentralized blockchain-based ecosystem, is introducing a new rewards feature. A user can earn rewards by committing her eCredits (ECS) on the network for a set period of her one year.

eVault is designed to support eCredit development by ensuring that transactions on the network are validated and protected by network participants in a decentralized manner.

This feature also allows users to lock ECS for one year and receive rewards of 2, 3, or 6% of transferred assets, depending on their subscription membership, via a secure smart contract.

Sarwa introduces Sarwa Save

United Arab Emirates investment platform and app Salwa has launched a new product, Sarwa Save.

Sarwa Save is a cash account with 3% interest rate and zero transfer fee for AED local accounts. There is also no administration fee.

Sarwa Save is available to new and existing clients through Sarwa’s website and mobile app.

Standard Chartered and Allinpay offer cross-border payments

Hong Kongstandard chartered bank and in singapore Alimpei We have enabled PayNow instant cross-border payments for merchants and businesses in Hong Kong using QR codes.

Participating merchants in Hong Kong can accept PayNow payments in Singapore with no infrastructure or operational fees.

Moreover, Singaporeans do not have to face exchange rates and cross-border fees.

This solution is made possible by Standard Chartered’s unique solution. These include omnichannel gateway Straight2Bank Pay and his API-based FX pricing engine SCALE.

Visa supports small businesses with new offers

visa has launched a new offer aimed at helping small businesses accept digital payments.

With Visa SavingsEdge, eligible Visa Small Business cardholders can enjoy automatic savings and discounts on business-related services and goods through their card issuer, and bench accounting and Yahoo.

Visa is also offering two days of special promotions to help businesses reduce costs associated with going online and accepting digital payments.

this weekend,, Visa’s digital payment management platform for small business waives monthly gateway fees for the life of the account. This offer is for US customers only.

This article is for informational purposes only. It does not constitute an endorsement of any products or offers included.
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