The Binance Security Team Takes Down Hacker

Unfortunately, the world of NFTs is often plagued by scammers and hackers, some of whom are still very difficult to track down. This will binance Our security team has caught the criminals behind last year’s NFT hack.

This news was shared by Binance CEO Chao Changpeng In a Twitter thread on January 17, 2023.

to catch hackers

As Zhao explained, this chain of events began last year when an NFT of prominent Turkish artist Yılmaz Aslantürk was stolen.

Zhao also said that the Binance team contacted the perpetrators and talked to them for several months. Ultimately, they admitted to stealing the property and agreed to return the money. Zhao, in response to another Twitter user of hers, quickly clarified that Binance is not affiliated with OpenSea and will only assist if they identify a suspected theft.

The news brought relief to Aslantürk, who publicly thanked the Binance team for the recovery of their assets. It’s also a relief for NFT users who trust the industry a little more.

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