The Fabricant Launches Wholeland: The Ultimate Web3 Fashion Experience

Amsterdam, The Netherlands, December 5, 2022, Chainwire

Pioneering startup The Fabricant has unveiled its boundary-pushing digital fashion storytelling project, Wholeland, with a trailer that sets the stage for a provocative world that weaves together digital couture, mythology and the rave scene.

This ambitious move aims to raise the bar for the wider digital fashion industry and shift focus away from the bear market to building Web3 experiences that generate long-term, high-value engagement.

OG Digital Fashion Players is renowned for its world-leading craftsmanship and gained global attention when it was launched in 2018 as the world’s first digital fashion house. In 2019, we sold our first digital garment on the blockchain for 54 ETH ($9,500). time). His high-profile collaborations with physical brands like Off-White, Adidas, and World of Women saw him raise $14 million in Series A funding this past April.

Wholeland is described as a digital fashion story and a visually rich journey of self-discovery across seven chapters.Each chapter contains Digital couture, AR wearables, co-creation, fashion show, metaverse meetup When air drop.

Access to Wholeland can only be gained by casting one of Fabricant’s AR facewear called XXories. This serves as the key to a wider experience.

Anyone can apply join the waiting list Create an XXorie from The Fabricant website.

The WHOLELAND concept asks participants to explore the parts of their identity that they may not share in the physical world, and boldly express themselves through digital fashion.

Digital fashion fans will travel through different chapters as the story unfolds, unlocking different benefits as they progress.

Holland’s opening chapter has multiple points of interaction with participants.

  • XXories, seven bold digital facewear that enhances your virtual self-expression and is key to your experience.
  • The Kappers – Combining historic Dutch style with a contemporary clubland aesthetic, headpieces are ready for co-creation
  • Couture garments, looks that invite fearless digital fashion expression
  • Breakthrough collaborations between Secret Drops and the hottest digital artists and innovative brands
  • And finally, the Wholeland Metaverse – an immersive digital fashion world of highly crafted visual storytelling.

It all starts with the XXories Mint in February, so Join the waiting list Access the most innovative fashion experience on Web3.

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The Fabricant is a digital-only couture house that blends fashion and technology to redefine virtual craftsmanship. Founded in 2018 out of a desire to sabotage the fashion world’s cultural complacency and reimagine what fashion can be like as an entirely non-physical experience. Through our co-creation platform, we are leading the creator-first digital fashion revolution, working to build a sustainable and equitable fashion industry where everyone thrives.


Theo Lasserre, The Fabricant, [email protected]

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