The Fintechs Proving Unicorns Can Happen in Under a Year

Achieving unicorn status is an important milestone for any fintech that can reach this feat. With this in mind, a new study reveals that the industry player will reach his $1 billion valuation the fastest.

Data from price comparison sites utility bidder lists the fastest fintech unicorns to hit the $1 billion ceiling.

numbers We also discuss the most valuable fintechs and their origins, revealing the biggest destinations for the fintech unicorn cloud. So who is at the top of the list?

Pacasso – 174 days

pacasso It took less than half a year to become a unicorn company, and was selected as the fastest company to become a unicorn company.

Founded in October 2020, the San Francisco-based real estate broker has been valued at over $1 billion just five months after going live. As the top of this list, that crowning was partially facilitated by his $75 million equity financing in March 2021.

this is MabelonThe Series A, led by , laid the groundwork at launch, raising an initial $17 million and $250 million in debt financing.

The company has since expanded its business to Spain.

Enchanted Eden – 277 days

In second place, magic eden Just nine months old, he passed the $1 billion mark. Solana’s non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace launched in September 2021 and reached unicorn status last June. This is after a $130 million Series B round, Electrical capital When gray rock partnerfollowing a $27 million Series A the previous March.

Magic Eden is currently producing approximately 50,000 NFTs per day, representing 92% of the total Solana-based NFT volume.

Zebec – 301 days

Zebec It has achieved unicorn status in 301 days since its establishment in November 2021.

It is a programmable cash flow protocol based on the Solana network and headquartered in the United States. The company announced its unicorn status in August 2022, at a time when the number of new unicorns had dropped significantly.

The August funding round put the valuation above $1 billion. circle Ventures, Shima When resoluteThis is in addition to the previous February’s $15 million funding round, with Zebec having secured $42.5 million to date.

american dream

In addition to the top three companies, the data identifies where these fintech companies are based on the map. Not only are all three US companies, but each is headquartered in sunny San Francisco.

As expected Fintech TimesSilicon Valley has come to prove to be a West Coast marvel for fintech innovation.

The city’s distinctive startup community follows in the footsteps of some of Fintech’s biggest success stories (credit karma, coin base and the most valuable unicorn stripes); as shown by utility bidder data. No wonder 9 of the 10 largest US fintech companies are based in the region.

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