The Future of Metaverse Crypto. Metacade Is the Best Metaverse Crypto To Buy Now for 10X Gains

The metaverse bubble shows no signs of bursting anytime soon and many people looking to make money online are looking for the best metaverse crypto projects to invest in. In 2022, smart investors are eyeing new Metaverse crypto projects for the highest profit potential in 2023.

One very promising new metaverse crypto project is the brand new GameFi platform Metacade.

What is Metacade?

Metacade is a new metaverse crypto project aimed at revolutionizing the play-to-one (P2E) gaming industry with online virtual video game arcades. This is a community-driven project that seeks to bring together casual gamers and more serious allies to experience his most comprehensive array of P2E titles in the Metaverse. At the same time, they can make money online through crypto rewards.

Players will have the opportunity to earn passive income through additional means as well as Metacade’s primary P2E mechanism. For example, the more you socially interact with other users and the broader community by sharing game tips on the hub, writing game reviews, and posting on live chat, the more your Create2Earn scheme for the platform You can earn more income through

Other revenue avenues include the Compete2Earn program. The program allows users to wager native MCADE tokens to participate in his tournaments online and participate in prize draws, while contributing internal revenue streams to sustaining the platform. It also includes the all-new Work2Earn scheme. Community members can use this initiative to find paid roles to beta test new titles before they are released on Metacade. You can eventually find her Web3 role through the hub’s job board, starting in the first quarter of 2024.

how does that work?

The entire Metacade platform and ecosystem is underpinned by the MCADE coin. Revenue is generated through several internal and external sources and ultimately filtered into community member wallets through rewards or the groundbreaking Metagrants program.

In addition to contributing by staking MCADE tokens as part of the Compete2Earn scheme, members of the Metacade community earn money by playing traditional pay-2-play arcade titles in the same manner as real-world video arcades. I’m here.

On the other hand, external revenue streams are from selling advertising space on the platform to external companies, charging external game companies to release their games on Metacade through the Launchpad initiative, and topping job boards on job boards as part of the Work2Earn scheme. The Web3 comes from advertising career opportunities.

Metacade: Leading GameFi Innovation

The Metagrants scheme looks set to lead innovation not only on Metacade, but in the broader GameFi industry from Q3 2023 onwards, as well as a range of market-leading P2E games available on Metacade. Developers are encouraged to submit ideas for new exclusive titles to the pool of ideas presented to the MCADE community for voting.

The most popular ideas receive funding in the form of meta-grant to support the creation and development of new games. While the developers benefit from much-needed financial support, the Metacade community benefits from seeing the games they want to play become a reality. The first Metagrant-backed title is expected to launch in the first quarter of 2024.

This community-driven approach will filter across Metacade’s platform, allowing developers to take the risk of bringing the latest Web3 development technologies to production as part of the transition to becoming a fully-fledged DAO by Q4 2024. Push GameFi’s innovation to the limits by encouraging integration into . .

Meanwhile, the most talented developers can continue to advance their real-world GameFi development experience and push the wider GameFi industry to new heights by applying for one of the exciting Web3 jobs on the Metacade job board. I can.

MCADE: Best New Metaverse Cryptos To Buy Now For 10x Profit

Gamers looking to make money online are increasingly turning to P2E metaverse games as an additional source of income to boost their income. As a result, the GameFi sector continues to grow exponentially year after year. There are some great opportunities for investors to find suitable new metaverse crypto projects to fund and make money online.

Metacade is the best new metaverse project that investors can buy today for at least 10x greater returns. The recently launched MCADE pre-sale event has already attracted $4.5 million in investment.

After launching at $0.008, the token gradually climbs over the course of the presale and is set to reach a value of $0.02 by the final presale round. The token’s current price is $0.013.

Big profits are expected once the token is listed on exchanges and the hype generated during the pre-sale leaks into the public domain. Expected to earn 10x profit.

You can participate in the Metacade presale here.

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