The Proof Collective Launches Grails Season 3

Grails is back. Proof Collective kicks off the festivities by unveiling the highly anticipated Season III artwork. The Grails Season III Mint is live and open for the next seven days.

Grails curated by PROOF: Season III introduces 20 new artists and some exciting elements to their collections. Featuring limited supply items with low amounts of mint, this Grails season is something special for collectors of all kinds. Here’s a catch – Grails currently has a hard cap on total supply, so get your favorite pieces before they run out!

Immerse yourself in the world of NFTs and get ready to witness some truly amazing creations. As always, PROOF Collective Pass holders were treated to an exclusive airdrop of the coveted Grails Mint Pass before the Mint kicks off. Plus, those lucky enough to own the Nested “Holy Grail” feature Moonbirds will automatically enter a thrilling raffle to win one of 10 coveted Mint Passes To do.

Grails Season III Details

With up to 1,075 NFTs and two new mechanics to explore in this collection, there’s a lot of potential for this season’s Grails collection. An “Edition” is a single artwork created in an Edition. Once the minting limit is reached, the item will no longer be available.

A “series”, on the other hand, is a curated selection of works by a single artist. Each mint draws a random piece from the series. This can be any number of items. So if you miss one piece, you may still be able to pick another piece.

PROOF leads the way in connecting people through art, appreciation and creative entrepreneurship. As a result, we protect the legacy of the record by providing a resource that connects artists at all levels and encouraging creative entrepreneurship within the community.

which one do you like? Mint today!

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