This Week in Fintech: TFT Bi-Weekly News Roundup 20/10

Fintech Times The bi-weekly News Roundup confirms the AML Compliance Partnership. Tomb When I will save you. in the meantime bit panda support N26 With the launch of new cryptocurrency trading products.


relay, Swiss Bitcoin App Forges Partnership With, A global payment provider. Relai users can now purchase Bitcoin in real time via VISA, Mastercard and Apple Pay. This partnership will come alongside a broader product update that will see a full overhaul of the Relai app, including a simpler purchase flow and an enhanced UX.

Circle K, fuel and mobility retail chains I Corporation Co., Ltd.‘s payments platform aiEazyFuel powers Circle K PRO, the company’s B2B mobile payments app. The partnership will allow business customers to pay for fuel and other products directly through the Circle K PRO app. Circle K PRO is now available for corporate customers in Scandinavia and the Baltics.

CB leadan independent firm of certified public accountants, is affiliated with whisper claim, a R&D tax fintech company, provides in-house services for R&D tax billing. Previously, before using WhisperClaims’ software his platform, CB Reid used Microsoft Word to manually create reports in-house.

Meanwhile, Austrian fintech unicorn Bitpanda celebrates helping German digital bank N26 bring cryptocurrencies to Europe. N26 has launched a new cryptocurrency trading product, N26 Crypto, in Austria, with Bitpanda managing trade execution and coin management. N26 customers will soon be able to trade around 200 cryptocurrencies.

climate solution provider Antarctic and Agtech eAgronom are partnering to accelerate the adoption of climate-smart agriculture across Europe and Africa. This collaboration creates a new approach to prepaying farmers for the high-quality His Verra-certified carbon credits that their projects generate.

Other partnerships

card stream select Nuapei Start paying now and start paying in installments with Open Banking for Online Merchants. The partnership will enable his Cardstream open payment network of white label partners, including ISO and ISV resellers, to offer Nuapay’s collection services and instant open banking payment services to customers in 28 EU and UK markets. .

currency cloud became the preferred FX partner of Integrated Finance (IF), Fintech infrastructure platform. This new partnership will allow IF’s clients to integrate cross-border payments and his FX capabilities into the platform. Currencycloud can also leverage the IF platform to offer existing users a more streamlined integration into their financial infrastructure such as KYC and transaction monitoring.

digital consulting Fimatics Partnering with a Regtech Company Collitics. Through this partnership, the two companies will integrate each other’s services into their own products to create a combined suite of products and solutions that can enhance regulatory and change control systems across the financial services and insurance sectors.

There is also a partnership between core banking platform Tuum and regtech Salv. Working with Salv gives Tuum customers access to her AML platform with advanced monitoring, screening and risk scoring solutions. Tuum and Salv are now LHV United Kingdom It operates on Tuum’s core banking platform and uses Salv for its AML requirements.

research and insights

More than a third (36%) of UK companies have extended their payment terms to their suppliers in the last 12 months, according to the report. Ivarua, a spend management cloud provider. Research commissioned by Ivalua coleman parks59% of UK companies reveal they have ended relationships with suppliers due to repeated late payments. Only 38% of UK businesses have early payment discounts.

Nearly half of IT professionals believe AI innovations will threaten human survival.However, the data from Atlas VPNIt also reveals that 74% of IT professionals believe AI will automate tasks and free up more time for strategic initiatives. Nearly two-thirds also believe AI will become a mission-critical element of their business strategy in the next few years.

a new research from stripes reveals that many of the world’s most-visited e-commerce websites are experiencing high levels of checkout errors, frustrating customers and negatively impacting the bottom line of businesses. The average checkout takes him 3 minutes or more, but 60% of shoppers say he abandons checkouts that take 2 minutes or more.

check out

change jobs

Broadridge hired Stephen Johnston As part of Broadridge Fund Communication Solutions (FCS) MD client distribution business.Joined Broadridge state streetJohnston will help facilitate Broadridge’s support for fund data, document preparation and distribution, and regulatory reporting needs.

Fintech based in Berlin lemon market appoint Markus Gunther As MD of its brokerage firm GmbH. Former CEO of DirectAnlageBank AG and N26 Bank supports becoming a regulated intermediary. Earlier this year, secured one of Europe’s largest seed funding rounds with his €15 million funding round.

Schroeder’s Personal Assets named Graham Bustin as Chief Technology Officer. He joined from his Barclays Bank PLC group where he held multiple MD roles within Technology. Schroders’ goal is for him to become one of the UK’s largest financial planning businesses.

Fintech Bento engine announced three new team members. Cathy Jackson Assume the role of Chief Growth Officer Marcus Davis is the new Advice Evangelist/Business Development Professional. finally, Charlotte Keteral Bento joined Bento as Chief of Staff.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Moneva payment service provider snapped a financial lifestyle app Storm pay. Under the new parent company, StormPay’s brand and mission will remain the same, but the teams will merge. Otabek Nuritdinov The StormPay co-founder will step down as CEO, but will remain Moneff’s head of business development.

Financing and investment

Commodity AI Ltd (ChAI)AI-driven commodity intelligence company has completed a seed round to expand its industry-leading services into new markets. It will also use the raised funds to bring real-time commodity price forecasts to new audiences around the world, including raw material companies and major supply chain providers.

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