TreviPay Completes Business Payments Offering With Launch of Small Business Network

Following the launch of a specialized network for large and medium-sized companies, Trevipay Today, the Small Business Supplier Network (SBSN) meets the needs of all businesses.

The B2B payment and billing network has confirmed the launch of SBSN across the United States.

As a fully integrated end-to-end payment network that runs in parallel with card payments, SBSN offers white-label structured financial services to suppliers of SMEs that banks, as members of the network, sell to corporations and government agencies. so that we can provide About invoice payment terms.

With this launch, TreviPay will partner with banks to offer flexible payment terms to its small business supplier customers, while allowing suppliers to receive payments virtually debt-free.

TreviPay’s SBSN will enable participating banks to offer new small business products to the small business B2B trade credit and business banking market.

Members can customize solutions and go-to-market strategies, manage risk policies, and set supplier fees.

Additionally, banks can launch this new product without capital investment or technology integration.

The company’s research shows that U.S. small businesses with 100 or fewer employees generate nearly $5 trillion in B2B transactions each year by allowing their corporate and government customers to pay on invoice terms. We offer credit (e.g. 30, 60, 90+ days net).

Extending trade credit to corporate customers is common and is often used to maintain a competitive edge, attract new or large customers, deepen existing relationships while building loyalty and retention. considered necessary to promote

However, small business suppliers still fund most of the trade credit they provide from their own working capital. Long-term inefficient use of limited cash flow will ultimately impede growth and resilience.

The company’s SBSN has set out to create a technological infrastructure and operating model to deliver new structured financial solutions that can eliminate trade credit for small businesses. Lissi Laverne“Just as credit card networks have virtually eliminated B2C transaction credits for retailers,” explains the company’s head of the small business market.

Lissi Lavern

“By working together, TreviPay and member banks are truly committed to transforming the inefficient B2B trade credit market and providing a better way to do business so that small businesses can re-establish their place in the U.S. economy. can get the opportunity to

“Over the past 20 years, we have seen the small business trade credit market grow more and more and cash flow pressures have risen to unbearable levels. This is especially true when you are on both the and the receiving end,” continues Lovern.

“With every recession or downturn, this phenomenon creates a long and difficult road to recovery. Mutual attention to the SME market can strengthen the SME backbone.”

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