TripleS releases album after a blockchain-based voting process on tracks

  • This album is the first ever published album featuring all 10 members of the group.
  • The album contains eight tracks.
  • The tracks were chosen by fans through a blockchain-based voting process.

K-pop girl group TripleS has released an 8-song album ‘ASSEMBLE’, which includes ‘Rising’. EP albums have caught the attention of K-pop fans due to the process by which the tracks within them were selected.

TripleS fans used their COMO tokens to vote on the Modhaus mobile application “COSMO: the Origin” between December 1st and December 8th, 2022 to select the title track. Fans participate in tournaments to pick songs. Song B won the final round and became the lead track of the ASSEMBLE album.

A total of approximately 57,340 COMO tokens were used during the voting process.

Subgroups were selected through a polygon-based voting process called ‘Gravity’.

Fluid nature of TripleS

A selection of K-pop group female stars graces each of the group’s albums, ASSEMBLE includes Yoon So-yeon, Jung Hye-rin, Lee Ji-woo, Kim Chae-young, Kim Yoo-young, Kim Su-min, Kim Na-kyung, Yubin Gun, Kaede, and Da Hyun Seo.

Release an album with all members participating once a year.

TripleS are also the first K-pop group to hold a Discord event to communicate directly with their fans after joining Discord’s Modhaus live hangout on January 30th. Modhaus is a web3 project that promotes Korean pop culture and runs YouTube via blockchain technology. Channels that upload videos in ‘SIGNAL’ or vlog format.

Regarding the new ASSEMBLE album, Modhaus CEO Jaden Jeong said:

“I have confidence in the album called ASSEMBLE, because the title track was decided only by the fans. It proves that the system is the future of entertainment.”

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