Turkey’s Nation Alliance set for crypto adoption

With the elections approaching, Turkey’s opposition group, the Nation Alliance, announced its doctrine on January 30.

The Alliance primarily aims to introduce blockchain technology into various public services and bureaucratic processes. doctrineMeanwhile, cryptocurrencies are also regulated and taxed.

The exact date of the election has not yet been determined. However, they must be held by 18 June 2023. This election season saw six major opposition parties join forces to form a national alliance to fight the ruling party that has been in power since 2002.


The doctrine states that the alliance will utilize blockchain in areas where document verification, information storage, and privacy are required. The text mentions the job market, health sector, international trade, and urban planning as key areas that will be integrated with blockchain.

Systems for the job market allow users to create job profiles to apply for and be matched with existing positions. Another protocol acts as a document storage system where users can keep their identity, health records, proof of ownership, diplomas, etc. privately. Regarding urban planning, the doctrine briefly mentions something similar to the Colombian land registry project.

The Alliance said it would launch two separate protocols on international trade and customs. One of them is a digital customs clearance system that tracks all processes end-to-end on the blockchain. Another, called INTERSECT, handles international trade operations to provide transparency and security.

The text also states that the Alliance will properly tax cryptocurrencies, clearly define ambiguous terms, and expose an extensive regulatory framework to protect investors.

Turkish crypto

Turkey has been crypto-conscious since Bitcoin (BTC) first peaked in December 2017.

Lawmakers are also responding to increased hiring. In 2022, the country began exploring the Metaverse, introduced legislation to regulate cryptocurrencies, and completed its first CBDC test transaction.

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