Twitter Lists Bitcoin and Ethereum Price Charts, What This Means for New Cryptos Like Metacade

Elon Musk, Twitter’s new chief executive, has made no secret of his love of cryptocurrencies. His endorsement of the meme his coin Dogecoin caused a temporary increase in the price of DOGE. For example, some famous price charts are published on Twitter, Bitcoin and Ethereum. This is undoubtedly what Musk is pushing to bring cryptocurrencies to a wider audience.

It remains to be seen what this means for Dogecoin’s value since Musk will buy Twitter, Bitcoin and Ethereum in the coming months. That could be good news for newer cryptos such as Metacade, which have gained enough exposure-generated pre-sale momentum.

What is Metacade?

Metacade is a brand new experience in the burgeoning GameFi sector, with the platform hosting the Metaverse’s first virtual video game arcade. The primary goal of this project is to build the most extensive library of Play to Engage (P2E) video games anywhere in the metaverse, while also building a community of game fans and like-minded enthusiasts where they can work in harmony. to be able to hang out and benefit from each. contribution of others.

In addition to the vast P2E capabilities that Metacade offers its users, members are also well positioned to benefit through other revenue initiatives. This includes the Create2Earn scheme where users are rewarded for their social contributions to the wider community. Rewards can be claimed for creating game rewards, sharing alpha, giving game tips to other users, and contributing to live chat.

Additionally, the Compete2Earn program allows users to stake their native MCADE tokens to participate in online tournaments and participate in regular raffle draws for lucrative rewards. These stakes are the source of revenue for the platform, some of which is reinvested in projects and the rest helps fund gamer rewards.

How does Metacade work?

Staking forms one of the revenue-generating streams from internal sources, with some contributions from external channels contributing to Metacade’s self-sufficient ecosystem. These include selling advertising space on the platform, charging external companies to release games on Metacade, and charging his Web3 company to post jobs on job boards from the first quarter of 2024. will be

These revenue streams will raise MCADE tokens that underpin the entire Metacade platform and various avenues for members to earn passive income. It also offers his one source of gems for the Metacade crown that looks to change the landscape of GameFi in the future.

Metacade: Driving GameFi Innovation

As part of Metacade’s revolutionary Create2Earn scheme, we will launch the groundbreaking Metagrants scheme in the third quarter of 2023. This will allow game developers to apply for funding to support the creation of new platform-exclusive titles. Developers submit ideas to a pool that is sent to the community for voting.

The most popular ideas will be allocated crypto-funds to help bring the idea to life. The beauty of Metagrants is that it allows community members to control the future direction of the platform and support the game titles they want to play, while fostering innovation and creativity.

The GameFi industry has more comprehensive benefits offered by the Metagrants program, where the best new talent gains encouragement and significant work experience. Individuals can use it to take advantage of opportunities on the platform’s job boards and advance their careers through the Work2Earn scheme.

Our focus on creating new titles and filling the best job opportunities with Web3’s top talent puts Metacade at the forefront of the growing GameFi revolution.

Is Metacade a Good Investment?

The difficult market conditions experienced during the 2022 bear market look set to continue to plague big crypto guns such as Bitcoin well into 2023. History shows that even support does not always lead to significant price increases.

Metacade looks set to buck this trend. This trend offers a great long-term future for projects with its extensive, multi-layered and complete roadmap. Metacade has tried to secure more early investors by submitting the coding and team to her CertiK audit. CertiK audits verify the quality of the platform’s underlying code and the identity of team members.

The most compelling argument for investing in Metacade is its performance. Coin pre-saleThe initial stage sold out in a matter of weeks and raised $4.5 million. This momentum continues to accelerate with subsequent funding rounds. Currently available at $0.013, the price is guaranteed to eventually rise to $0.02 during the presale, at which point MCADE will hit exchanges.

At this time, it is predicted that demand for MCADE will skyrocket, making it even more valuable and potentially crossing the $1 barrier in 2023. Bitcoin and Ethereum price charts listed on Twitter are arguably P2E, as a wider audience exposure to cryptocurrencies will allow Metacade investors to benefit from a wider range. Useful for game projects.

You can participate in the MCADE presale here.

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