Unity Technologies adds Decentralized Technologies to Asset Store


Regardless of conflicting attitudes and opinions from the gaming world towards blockchain-based video games that use play-and-earn crypto mechanics and NFTs, Unity Technologies is setting a much needed tune for Web3 development.

Unity added a new category dubbed “Decentralization” to its marketplace and has integrated Thirteen (13) Web3 Developer tools. The Asset Store now includes SDKs and APIs from some of the leading blockchain providers like MetaMask, Algorand, and ImmutableX, amongst others.

The blockchain solution options are expected to assist Web3 developers by reducing implementation time of blockchain tech into games. Despite industry skeptics, the Thirteen tools currently offered in Unity’s Asset Store are said to have been thoroughly reviewed and vetted to meet Unity’s Verified Solution requirements.

All of these solutions have been thoroughly reviewed and vetted to meet our Verified Solution requirements.

According to its Decentralization webpage:

Photo by Axville on Unsplash

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