Upland and Decentraland Honor Brazilian Carnival

In honor of the two largest metaverses, the most famous Brazilian carnival, Decentraland and Uplandwill come together on Thursday, February 16th to bring the festivities to virtual space. Upland, a virtual asset trading game built on blockchain, and Decentraland, a decentralized virtual world, have joined forces to bring you the most immersive and exciting virtual experience possible. Powered by the Web3 Metaverse, the two platforms will break down barriers and strengthen the dream of interoperability, allowing users around the world to see the highlights of Carnival from the cities of Salvador, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

“This is an early example of a future where interoperability between worlds and the metaverse enriches users’ digital lives.” Upland co-founder Dirk Lueth said: “Major cultural moments like Carnival are tentpoles of opportunity to continue exploring this inevitable future.”

Carnivals in Brazil are world-famous celebrations of life, culture and music that typically draw millions of people to the streets of Brazil. However, due to the pandemic, the event has been canceled for 2021. To keep the carnival spirit alive, Decentraland and Upland bring the party to the Metaverse, offering unique and interactive ways to participate in the festivities. The virtual Brazilian Carnival will run through his February 2023. Anyone can join in and see the highlights by visiting the Carnival District in Decentraland or the Virtual Samba Palace in Upland.

Upland and Decentraland set to work on Brazilian festival

The Upland Metaverse has an exciting agenda of Brazilian carnivals, including carnival schools, street carnivals, shows and live broadcasts. His presentation of the 2023 Samba from Mangueira, Brazil’s largest samba school, is his one of the highlights of the event. Visitors can enjoy an immersive experience at the Samba Palace, his 3D replica of Mangueira’s samba sanctuary in Rio de Janeiro’s famous Mangueira district. Located at the same address in real life and the Metaverse, this three-dimensional replica of Mangueira’s samba sanctuary offers a behind-the-scenes experience, allowing visitors to learn about the school’s history and this year’s samba while dancing alongside avatars. increase.

An innovative and exciting platform, Decentraland is the perfect virtual space for users to experience Brazilian Carnival like never before. In the Carnival District, users, along with their avatar, can fully immerse themselves in the celebration, dancing to the rhythm of Brazilian music and enjoying the colorful parade of the Samba School. The newly released collection of samba movements (emoticons) and other traditional festival elements will further enhance the user’s experience.

Mangueira, a renowned samba school, has received a special tribute in one of the Decentraland Carnival bulletins. Attendees can also view photos of the 20 titles won by the Pink and Green Samba School, adding to the carnival’s immersive experience. In addition, well-known digital girlfriend influencers such as Nina Verso and Tang Poko will interact with visitors at the dollhouse party venue, making the virtual experience even more exciting.

The organizers of the event believe that bringing Brazil’s Carnival to the Metaverse is a great opportunity to showcase the possibilities of virtual worlds and connect people from different parts of the world. Thousands of attendees from all over are expected to bring the carnival spirit to their homes.

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