Upland paves the way to the mass market with an open and inclusive economy

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A Layer 1 metaverse, Upland is uniquely positioned to attract the mass market with its open and inclusive economy. The mobile-first Metaverse, which features gaming experiences that allow players to purchase virtual assets on the blockchain in various cities across the United States, is currently in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and Porto, Portugal. The property’s usefulness stems from the economic opportunities offered by the Upland Metaverse platform.

The platform is rapidly growing in popularity, averaging over 370,000 monthly users. build. obtain. connection.

Upland’s approach is steadfast in its simplicity and accessibility. Virtual properties start at $5 and encourage everyone to participate in the economy. Unlike other metaverses, the assets on the platform mirror real-world properties, structures, cars, etc. A digital land of opportunities awaits. Owning a virtual property is just the beginning of building your empire on Upland.

As Layer 1, Upland offers a variety of ways for entrepreneurs, contributors, and brands to operate. Users can earn income on Upland by setting up businesses called “metaventures”, such as factories producing UGC NFTs to be sold to the community or showrooms on their properties. Developers of new or existing apps can leverage Upland as an easy-to-discover platform to set up their shop.

Upland already has outstanding global brand partners, including: FC Porto, Portugal’s best team and current champions of the Primeira Liga. Mangueira Samba School; Spirit Halloween and Hyperloop. New partnerships are being explored and more exciting updates are expected.

In July 2022, Upland entered Rio de Janeiro, selling over 50,000 properties in the first hours. In August 2022, Upland also expanded to Porto, Portugal, selling over 35,000 properties at a record pace. The release of these cities brings exciting new collections and territories to explore, complete with Upland’s new international expansion.

What is the appeal of Upland?

Upland is an easy game to learn and play. The in-game value is easy to understand and does not require users to have a deep understanding of blockchain technology. Uplanders has her chance to be one of the first digital landowners, with every location mapped to a physical address so you can explore the entire city from your mobile or desktop.

From completing collections of properties and earning rewards, to taking part in treasure hunts and competitive events, there’s a lot to enjoy on the platform. You can get a return on your property from the visitor’s fees. The Upland founder explains that many of the elements of the platform are inspired by Monopoly and use blockchain-validated collectible NFTs to transform the dynamics of traditional board games into a unique metaverse. I’m here. Excitingly, NFTs are more than just collectibles. There is a purpose on the platform. Vehicle NFTs, for example, can be used to access places inaccessible on foot, and to date over 4 million of his NFTs have been sold.

Buildings are a key element of the platform, and Upland offers the ability to develop and build different structures. Just like in real life, structures are tied to real estate and selling is part of the fun. If the player sells land with buildings on it, it will also be sold. The entire neighborhood has been built by the community to increase property value by creating great developed areas. With true ownership, users are motivated to build value into their property and increase their net worth. A built-in social equalizer means that there are different cost tiers within the economy intended to reflect real-world real estate affordability and allow everyone to participate.

Starting a virtual portfolio

Starter properties are reserved for new players and can be purchased with UPX, Upland’s digital currency. Users can quickly move into more advanced real estate transactions, improve and reverse their assets, and increase the value of their portfolios in Upland’s free and open marketplace. To date, the player has earned more than his US$7 million in total, and the average sale price of a property on the secondary market over the past six months is 234% higher than the mint price. Upland has partnered with his Tilia to allow users to sell assets, convert coins to US dollars, and deposit proceeds directly to his PayPal.

Interconnectivity is the foundation of the metaverse, and Upland is no exception. Interacting and collaborating with fellow Uplanders is highly encouraged, and despite the competitive nature of property purchases, the community is known to be very enthusiastic and helpful to newcomers. , join fellow Uplanders within the platform’s virtual hangouts, or share strategies on Discord and Telegram.

Upland seamlessly blends the exploration of the Metaverse with the fun and entertainment of gaming, boasting a strategic play and revenue economic model while ensuring true ownership through blockchain. Upland’s ultimate goal is to let users play, create, and participate in the economy. Players who create value in the game are creating value for themselves. That’s the whole exciting experience of Upland.

Upland is easy to join with an email signup and is currently available for desktop, iOS, and Android.

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