US student launches NFT series to support Ukraine

Daisy Lan, a senior at California’s Mountain View Academy, is launching an innovative NFT project to help Ukrainian students displaced by the Russian War, CoinJournal has learned. press release.

NFTs Worth $231 Billion in 8 Years

The NFT industry is projected to be worth over $231 billion over eight years. We’ve seen millions of new market players surrounding the hype for Cosmic Kitties, Bored Apes, and other prized PFP collections.

The war in Ukraine motivated her activism

Daisy’s father founded multiple crypto and blockchain organizations. Like him, she believes her NFT realm creates unique possibilities in the Metaverse and Web 3 worlds.

When the war in Ukraine began, especially since it displaced over 700,000 students, Lan decided to take action.

Ran comes from a family of immigrants. She came to America less than two years before her, and with her move came new perspectives, cultures and languages. What hasn’t changed about her is her drive to create opportunities for others and make the most of them for herself.

Income from 100 unique artworks for Ukrainian students

In her final year of high school, Daisy leads the completion of an ambitious NFT project. 100 unique pieces will be sold, with all proceeds going to Ukrainian displaced students. This project is also supported by Mountain View Academy.

Daisy has completed numerous certification courses on web3 apps and blockchain technology in a short period of time in the US. she said:

I had access to some of the world’s best educators in California and learned firsthand how blockchain technology is impacting us and its potential for the world’s future. We would like to pursue these topics further.

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