US Treasury Department requiring US citizens to get a license for withdrawing assets from Tornado Cash

U.S. Treasury Department desire Those who had pending transactions before the Tornado Cash sanctions came into force applied for licenses to process asset withdrawals.

in answers to the frequently asked questions of September 13 The Treasury Department said the policy applies to transactions initiated before then. sanctions Implemented on August 8th.

Users who have sent cryptocurrencies to Tornado Cash but have not completed the mixing transaction by the specified deadline can apply to OFAC for a withdrawal license.

“A United States person or person trading within United States jurisdiction may request a specific license from OFAC to engage in transactions involving covered virtual currencies.”

Affected users will need to submit details of their interactions with Tornado Cash. This includes the wallet address, transaction hash, date and time of the transaction, and associated amount.

Open source code is not prohibited

The Treasury Department added that facilitating transactions with Tornado Cash remains prohibited in the United States, but that it is not prohibited from interacting with open source code.

“U.S. sanctions regulations do not prohibit U.S. persons from copying open source code and making it available online.”

crypto slate Professor previously reported Matthew Green I re-uploaded the Tornado Cash source code to . GitHub To teach students about cryptocurrencies and zero-knowledge technology.

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