Venon blockchain’s public testnet is now live

  • Testnet allows developers and users to test dApps and bugs.
  • Users will need to connect to Venom Wallet and claim their free testnet quota to participate.
  • Testable dApps include Venom Scan, VenomPools, Venom Bridge, Venom Stake, Web3.World

The Venom Foundation, a decentralized network aimed at accelerating Web3 development and licensed by the Abu Dhabi Global Market (AGDM), has announced a public testnet for its Layer 1 blockchain.

Venom is designed as a highly scalable blockchain infrastructure that supports all kinds of decentralized applications. According to the Foundation, the testnet going live will be an important L1 milestone ahead of the mainnet launch.

Besides the testnet, Venom has also released multiple decentralized applications (dApps) developed in-house as part of L1’s growing ecosystem.

We are pleased to announce the launch of Venom’s public testnet. This is an important step towards the upcoming mainnet launch. We believe that a highly scalable and reliable asynchronous blockchain will enable developers to build innovative dApps and allow users to experience them firsthand.Venom Foundation Council Chair Peter Knez said in a press release:

Users can test different dApps

With the launch of the testnet, both ecosystem users and developers on the Venom network can now proceed to test and debug various protocols and dApps.

To access the testnet, you will first need to download the Venom Wallet. Venom Wallet is available as a Chrome extension on mobile (Apple App Store and Google Play Store) and desktop.if they claim free Testnet Allocationdevelopers and other ecosystem users can initiate test loads on the network.

Venom Testnet users can experience dApps including Venom Wallet, Venom Scan, VenomPools, Venom Bridge, Venom Stake, Web3.World, WeUp, NFT Mint and Oasis.Gallery.

The Venom Foundation says the program will foster community building and foster further innovation within the ecosystem.

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