Virtual Beings Summit features how AI simulations will change entertainment (June 7 in SF)

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The 5th Annual Virtual Beings Summit: Simulations will be held on June 7th in San Francisco. The event will focus on a big trend around AI simulation where smart AI characters appear in virtual worlds.

Fable Studio CEO Edward Saatchi said in an interview with GamesBeat that these characters can continue to live their lives and thrive in virtual worlds without human control. . Saatchi is at the center of this trend as curator of the Virtual Beings Summit.

“The bottom line for this year is that single-agent chatbots have peaked,” Saatchi said. “They’re commoditized, there are hundreds of them, and it’s boring at the end of the day. You talk to these AIs, and suddenly they’re there. They don’t have a real life. And They can’t empathize with you, they can’t tell you their lives and what’s going on in their day because they don’t exist, so I think the most interesting thing to say about this in terms of simulation I gathered people.”

Regarding chatbots, Saatchi believed that virtual beings created to converse with us deserve to have a real life.


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“It’s not just a backstory that writes out their world like a page of text, then it’s who they are,” Saatchi said. “They have to actually exist in a virtual life, they need to exist in space and time, they need to exist in a social context like a family. We have to respect having autonomy in the world, and now the technology is there.”


The simulation is Gonzo AI Metaverse.

Fable Studio’s Saatchi leads Jessica Shamash, Frank Carey, and Pete Billington spoke at the recent GamesBeat Summit 2023 event about The Simulation, a new game where players train AI characters and unleash them into virtual worlds. .

According to Saatchi, “The Simulation” will be a metaverse world for AI, going beyond the world of AI chatbots like Fable’s early AI character Lucy. What they discovered in their ongoing search was that virtual beings needed more than intelligence and personality. They need a living world where they can live their lives, make memories, and evolve. That way, they’ll seem more like real people—characters we can relate to and relate to. And leave them there too long and they may become intelligent. This is just one part of the new AI movement that the Virtual Beings Summit is about to capture.

In our interview, Saatchi said the theme of the latest summit is Virtual Beings 2.0, or virtual beings that are simulated 24/7.

“So far, virtual presence companies have focused on recreating what we see in the movies. she It’s a one-to-one relationship between man and machine,” Saatchi said. “The goal of the Virtual Being Summit is that he can live a rich life 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with his family, colleagues, neighbors, and friends through 3D simulation without the need for human relationships. It’s about moving the conversation to AI. Emerging Intelligence.”

A recent paper on simulation by Jun Park of Stanford University (speaking at the summit) showed that simulation could be the next big idea. Saatchi went on to say that single-agent (1:1) AI chatbots are now commoditized.

“Silicon Valley is looking for the next big idea, and simulated virtual beings could be it,” Saatchi said.

The first Virtual Beings Awards will be announced at Virtual Beings Summit: Simulations. Nominations will open on Wednesday and the winner will be announced on his October 4th, 2023.

“2023 will be the biggest year ever for artificially intelligent virtual beings and we are so excited to spotlight some of the most impressive and interesting players in the space,” Saatchi said.

There are 6 main categories. Best Virtual Presence (Overall). Best Virtual Being Intelligence; Best Virtual Being Simulation Award; Best Virtual Being Writer; Best Virtual Being Forever.

The Sims creator Will Wright discusses the move from The Sims to simulations and how important they will be in the future.

Stephan Bugaj, Chief Creative Officer at Genvid, discusses upcoming Silent Hill: Ascension simulations in a new category of social gaming called Massively Interactive Live Events (MILE).

Scott Lighthizer, Creative Director of AI film studio Pillars Films, talks about “Hollywood.”
and Simulation: Growing Nightmares in a Simulated Lab discusses how monsters in future blockbusters will evolve in simulation, including their unique body shapes, gaits and autonomous behaviors in horror films. doing.

Saatchi talks about gamers as a path to general artificial intelligence, AI characters as smart as humans. He explores how games can be a bottom-up alternative to emerging intelligence/AGI, rather than expensive top-down investments like OpenAI, Deepmind, and Anthropic. For example, he believes AI will be able to create its own video comedy series.

“Reinforcement learning from human feedback (RLHF) has been a boon to AI training. But what if we could gamify RLHF in sim-like simulations?” said Saatchi. “For all you crowdsourced gamers out there, training AI via RLHF will be the path to human-level intelligence (the dreaded ‘AGI’) cheaper and faster than you can get with OpenAI or Deepmind. There is a possibility. The common view that AGI is driven by better computing and more data defies common sense. The creation of a second intelligent species is not a human function.
Moore’s Law – It follows a less linear and unpredictable path, and gamers competing to make AI smarter could be the secret source of AGI. “

Also, Jim Fan of Stanford University and Nvidia will talk about Voyager, the first lifelong learning agent to play Minecraft purely in context. Voyager is continuously improving itself by creating, improving, committing and retrieving code from our skill library.

Ultimately, Saatchi believes AI simulation represents a huge economic opportunity.

“I think the whole industry is going in this direction,” Saatchi said.

The event will be held on June 7th at the Fort Mason Center in San Francisco.

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