Voxels Receives a Major Code and Texture Update

deep in the dark reaches of voxel engine rooma series of resilient developers continue to work hard to improve the platform. As a result, long hours of work have gone into improving the player experience for many loyal users .

In its latest update, Voxels announced a new set of street-level texture enhancements set to debut on Chronos Island. Essentially pavement, sidewalks, and a myriad of traditional road markings pave the once-flat path. All aimed at adding immersion to your homemade metaverse and adding color to your surroundings.

The move follows various core updates the team introduced to the platform as they built it for crypto winter. Includes a set of texture building materials, a great new lighting engine, and a modest upgrade to platform speed. All the while performing a massive purge of redundant code lurking in the system.

All this hard work will allow the Voxels empire to make a fresh start in the new year. So while markets prepare to emerge from the winter tunnel, complex ecosystems need to be put in place.

Track voxel progress >> here

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