Web3 security platform NotCommon goes live backed by $1.5M funding

  • NotCommon is a one-stop-shop for both artists and collectors to trade and exhibit their work.
  • The platform also aims to protect users and combat the rise of cybercrime.
  • In 2022 alone, hackers stole $175 million in digital assets.

Coinjournal can exclusively report on its Web3 security platform not common is now live after raising $1.5 million in funding. The platform provides a one-stop shop for both collectors and artists to trade and exhibit their work.

The platform aims to combat blockchain fraud by protecting users from rampant cybercrime within the Web3 space.

Help users keep their collections safe

Hackers and scammers are mining millions of dollars from the Web3 industry. They find loopholes to steal private collections and question the security status of his Web3 platform for the majority. While a significant number of victims are new to smart contracts, his experienced NFT collectors have also fallen victim to phishing attacks.

Web3 does not have the same safety net as a centralized service, making it difficult for victims of theft to recover their stolen digital assets.

Commenting on the pervasive security issues facing the Web3 industry, NotCommon co-founder and CEO Michael R. Pierce said:

“2022 has been a tough year for Web3’s general reputation, but user and investor interest remains clear. Realizing the benefits of Web3 requires the vast educational component needed to onboard new Web3 users.

To address this issue and help NFT collectors and artists keep their collections safe, the NotCommon platform “prioritizes education and security, giving NFT collectors the tools they need to protect and manage their identities on Web3. will provide you”.

A curated blacklist of Web3 scammers

By focusing on security, safety and identity protection, NotCommon aims to eliminate security issues within the Web3 space and usher in a new era of digital creativity. To that end, NotCommon launched “a curated and moderated impostor blacklist that allows users to cross-check people and entities against a database of known villains.”

Our curated, moderated scammer blacklist contains a database of the various types of scams that have occurred within Web3, providing a deep educational resource on current scams and a list of known social engineering tricks. A live updated overview has been added.

NotCommon users receive customized security alerts based on the collections they hold in their crypto wallets. Her Chrome extension from NotCommon also allows users to flag phishing accounts and continuously update logs of scammers and fake accounts.

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