Web3 startups raised $7.1B in funding during 2022 – Gaming accounted for 62%

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According to the Metaverse Post year-end, the Web3 space has raised $7.1 billion through 2022, with games, the metaverse and social networks being the top three investment categories. report.

The report covers gaming, metaverse, social networks, infrastructure, artificial and virtual reality (AR & VR), and artificial intelligence (AI) startups and calculates the exact investment collected at $7,169,997,888. did.

Despite the bear market, the total is $4.8 billion higher than in 2021.

Category ranking

The Games category was the top category this year, with AI coming last.


Gaming came forward as a winning category, attracting $4.49 billion, representing 62.5% of total investment in Web3.

According to the report, Epic Games will attract the most significant investment in 2022. The company raised his $2 billion in funding from Sony and his LEGO owner, KIRKBI. Epic Games ended the year with a $31.5 billion valuation for him.


Metaverse followed gaming as the second most popular category to attract investment in 2022. According to reports, the Metaverse realm has raised $1.82 billion. This accounts for 25.4% of total investment.

Yuga Labs, creator of the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), became the second company to raise the largest amount. In March, Yuga Labs raised his $450 million funding to launch the Otherside metaverse.

social network

Startups launching social networking apps suited to Web3’s decentralized and secure fashion were the third most popular category in the eyes of investors. This category will see him raise $259.1 million in 2022, making up 3.6% of his total investment in Web3.

crypto slate Exclusive content from Phaver, Aave, and Lens Protocol, as well as Lens Protocol and Polkadot’s initiative on the subject, highlight the need for a Web3 social network protocol.

Infrastructure, AR & VR, AI

The last three categories were Infrastructure, AR&VR, and AI, with $208 million, $178.6 million, and $136.5 million respectively.

NFT-focused Immutable, Metaverse-focused Improbable, gaming-focused Sky Mavis, and startup-focused AngelList were also among the most prominent fundraisers, all falling into the infrastructure category. Ranked in the top 10 startups. Immutable raised $200 million, AngelList $100 million, Sky Mavis and Improbable each raised $150 million.

biggest spender

Four venture capital firms named the biggest spenders this year, saving over $1 billion in investment each.

Of these, Paradigm takes the #1 spot in 2022, spending $2.5 billion. The company has supported 31 projects such as Uniswap, Magic Eden and Optimism.

Venture capitalists investing over $1 billion
Venture capitalists investing over $1 billion

Andreessen Horowitz was a close second to Paradigm with $2.2 billion in total investment.

The youngest venture capital firm, Hivemind, saved $1.5 billion in 2022 and took third place in the rankings, while Binance Labs invested $1 billion and came in fourth.

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