What is the BNB Chain?

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  • Alex Kim is head of North and South America partnerships for the BNB chain and participates in the CoinJournal podcast
  • He talks about bear markets, an interoperable future, ease of building on the BNB chain, gas prices, decentralization, and more.
  • The dark side of crypto, migrating projects from other blockchains, etc. are also discussed

There are a million different blockchains in the crypto space today and understanding them all can be confusing.

Today, Alex Kim, Head of North and South America Partnerships for the BNB Chain, joins the CoinJournal Podcast to talk all about the BNB Chain. The chain has grown rapidly and now he is one of the biggest players in the field.

The conversation touched on many points. Alex started by covering a much-discussed topic about the role Binance plays in all of this. It explains that they are different entities.

He also talks about BNB and the role it plays in the blockchain, as well as the cheap gas fees prevalent on the chain, in contrast to some of its rivals.

For rivals, he touches on Ethereum and what he believes will be an interoperable future. He also covers the migration of several recent projects, including his addition of Uniswap, one of the biggest players in the DeFi space.

Of course, we can’t help but talk about bear markets. The furious year of 2022 has presented many challenges for everyone in the cryptocurrency industry. Alex talks about what it was like to navigate the industry during this time.

He also delves into the darker side of crypto and the drawbacks of being so easy to build in this decentralized world. , the retail investor is still holding the bag.

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