What is this coin that overtook Bitcoin?

In 2021, Bitcoin has risen to an all-time high price level, rising amid a huge bull market in the cryptocurrency market. In the same year, a new coin appeared on the market, literally overtaking Bitcoin.

PLC Altima (PLCU) is that cryptocurrency. Launched at the end of December 2021, the value of PLCU increased from $0.10 to $100,000 within 6 months. The value of the coin soared to $116,000. Currently, the price of PLCU is almost double that of Bitcoin.

The big question here: is it still possible to earn on PLCU?

Below, we briefly discuss some of the growth factors behind the market performance of this project Meteor.

Infrastructure as a Key Driver of Cryptocurrency Growth: How Alex Reinhardt Created the PLCU Coin

Who Created PLC Ultima?

The creator of PLC Ultima is German serial entrepreneur and venture capitalist Alex Reinhardt. Alex is co-founder of his 10 IT and Fintech projects with a total capital of over 200 million euros. He also has great experience as a salesman and crypto trader. He leads a team of dedicated blockchain developers and is a well-known figure in the fintech and business community.

When was the PLC Ultima released?

As mentioned above, PLC Ultima officially entered the market in December 2021. But its development took him over five years and involved a robust team of blockchain developers led by Alex Reinhardt.

The PLCU currency is built on its own blockchain and encompasses a unique infrastructure ecosystem designed to provide long-term value growth.

Taking time to work on blockchain projects meant the team sidestepped the model adopted by some developers in the wake of the initial coin offering (ICO) boom of 2017 and the meme frenzy of 2021. To do. as an instrument of speculation. Instead of building for speculation, Reinhardt and team decided to focus on value.

What’s in the PLCU coin ecosystem?

Apart from its own blockchain, the cryptocurrency has its own coin generation system Power Minter, crowdfunding platform Platin Hero and crypto marketplace PlatinDeal. There is also a private advertising platform PlatinSale, where users can access crypto debit cards via his PLC debit card.

Every product is made from scratch, and of course it’s not without mistakes. Ultimately, nonetheless, these mistakes made it possible to create an independent, stable, and robust infrastructure that was protected from vulnerabilities.

Note: PLC debit cards support 5 fiat currencies and 7 major cryptocurrencies. These are Euro, Dollar, British Pound, Chinese Yuan, Japanese Yen, cryptocurrencies Litecoin, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, USDT, EOS, BAT, and native PLC Ultima.

PLC Altima Security

PLC Ultima’s blockchain is based on the Litecoin blockchain. In other words, it features the same network stability, transparency, and high transaction processing speed. It is also important to be able to use updates to the Segregated Witness protocol.

To keep your network secure, PLC Ultima uses the CryptoNight hashing algorithm. This is the proof-of-work consensus mechanism used by Monero.

Additionally, the team implemented a more equitable distribution of rewards among participants through minting backed by smart contracts. The solution is also tested for vulnerability to all kinds of cyber-attacks such as network partitioning, hacking attempts, blockchain tampering, keyspace attacks, etc.

Proprietary casting is the key technology of PLC Ultima

PLC Ultima uses its own mining compatible energy efficient mining that allows you to generate new coins with your smartphone. No mining farms, huge electricity bills, no environmental damage.

Additionally, Ultima’s PLC mining is a unique solution for distributing rewards to users.

Users can purchase digital certificates for Ultima Minter and freeze PLCU coins for a period of time to generate predictable profits. It works via a smart contract and is connected to the Ultima Wallet and Ultima Farm smartphones, allowing users to receive rewards as indicated in the smart contract.

Among the above advantages, one of the main advantages of technology for users is the ability to predict revenue.

How is PLCU deflation guaranteed?

PLCU’s Minting employs a deflationary model where coin generation decreases monthly. The network also has a burn mechanism, with every transaction burning 1% of the coin. This has two advantages over PLCU tokens:

First, it removes coins from circulation, increasing demand and positively impacting exchange rates. Burn-in, on the other hand, helps protect the system from transaction spam.

PLC Ultima also guarantees that 30% of the coins will be kept in the user’s wallet and will not participate in farming. Also, 50% of the coins will be permanently frozen for his one year. Two mechanisms that help provide a security buffer that prevents the value of PLCUs from depreciating too quickly and sharply in a panic sale.

PLC Ultima is about people

Projects are as good as their communities, and PLC Ultima has projects in over 100 countries. Worldwide, he has nearly 1 million people using PLC Ultima products.

Two programs to help the community are the Automotive Program and the Real Estate Program. Through these programs, users can purchase high-end properties and cars at her 50% discount.

Crowdfunding platform Platin Hero helps projects and people raise funds, and participants get rewarded for supporting such projects.

PLCU is currently listed on exchanges such as Bibox, Consbit and LBank.

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