What the FinTech? | S.3 Ep. 12

In this episode of What is Fintech? In the podcast, Kim Symmons, head of design at British business bank Mettle, joins us to discuss how new challenger banks can continue to compete with traditional FIs. The latter accelerates the transition to digital.

with Kim fintech futures Editor Paul Hindle is on the advisory board of former Prime Minister Sir Philip Hammond’s provisionally named Fintech Growth Fund, a £1 billion venture to invest in financial technology start-ups. We begin by discussing the recent news that you have been reportedly appointed to the Council.

The Q&A section explores the various factors that can influence customers’ choice of bank, how new companies can stand up and make headlines, and how the future of digital transformation is shaping retail and business. I will explain how it will be for the bank.

And finally, we find a fintech buzzword that Kim wants to throw at us. fintech prison!

What is Fintech? | | S.3 Episode 12 | Tackling Challenger Bank Challenges

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