Worldcoin to reportedly go live on Monday

  • Altman’s AI-Driven Token, Worldcoin, Said to Launch on Monday

  • Worldcoin’s launch comes at a time when interest in AI is growing with recent entrant AltSignals.

  • AltSignals value is expected to skyrocket once the token is listed amid high demand

AI is becoming an applied technology in finance and other fields as well. As such, AI-related projects have become sensations, two of which are WorldCoin and AltSignals. For example, consider the case of AltSignals, which is launching an AI trading signals service.ever since advance sale After the launch of AltSignals, investors purchased a large amount of tokens, completing the first phase. In the second phase, the investor bought over his 53% of the tokens.

Worldcoin Launches Monday – Report

ChatGPT CEO Sam Altman’s controversial biometric and AI token is reportedly set to go public on July 24th. Since the launch of ChatGPT, the token has attracted a lot of interest due to the popularity of OpenAI.

Worldcoin aims to use AI to build the world’s largest identity. This project uses a device called “The Orb” to scan an individual’s iris. Therefore, each person can have a single, identifiable her Worldcoin ID.

Despite this, Worldcoin has been criticized for how it handles biometric data. Investors haven’t faltered, though, and the coin has attracted thousands of registrations every day since its launch. The cryptocurrency’s launch, reported Monday, could be a litmus test for how much potential the coin holds.

Investors, meanwhile, are excited to see AltSignals, a successful trading signals service, go AI. The AI ​​trading signals platform is called ActualizeAI and utilizes the crypto token $ASI.

Since its inception in 2017, AltSignals has benefited investors through high quality signals. The signal accuracy rate averaged 64%. The launch of an AI platform could be game-changing in terms of adding more value to existing and new traders.

AltSignals could be a profitable project

AltSignals are growing in popularity as trading signals for the forex, stocks and cryptocurrency markets. This brought his Telegram membership to over 52,000. The platform has a strong 4.9/5 rating on TrustPilot.

The fact that AltSignals is a successful project means that a renewed focus on AI could bring significant returns to investors. AI is being used in the trading world to harness the power of machine learning to generate high quality signals. AI can also help overcome one of her biggest sources of failure in trading systems: human emotions.

As AI grows and AltSignals expands the range of financial assets it can trade, the value of $ASI could be unlocked.

Is $ASI a good investment?

$ASI could be a good investment in terms of speculating tokens for high-demand services. Investors can also enjoy quality trading signals to increase their income.

But beyond the above, $ASI also has value in a variety of other perks that ActualizeAI members can enjoy. Investors can enjoy exclusive future pre-sale opportunities and earn tokens by posting ideas on the platform.

Investors can also earn $ASI by participating in and winning trading contests. This is a great way to improve your trading skills and abilities by learning from the AltSignals team and colleagues.

AltSignals also envisages situations where investors are liable. Members of ActualizeAI can vote on governance issues and determine the direction of the platform. Investors will use their $ASI holdings to vote on key decisions.

What it means to invest in AltSignals in the presale

The value of $ASI increases with each stage of the presale. The token was initially worth $0.015 and is now worth $0.01875. However, the actual value of the token will be unlocked when the token is listed on Uniswap in Q3 2023.

Investing in AltSignals during the presale means buying tokens at the lowest possible price. Tokens will be priced lower in the early stages of the pre-sale than in later stages.

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