Zero-Code Onboarding Company Zenoo Breathes Life Into White Label Platform

Zeno launches a white label platform for digital onboarding for customers to cultivate a higher level of user experience.

Cambridge-based British technology company Zenoo has launched a purpose-built platform for its white-label customers in digital onboarding technology.

The company specializes in remote onboarding of customers for international companies, increasing conversion rates, breaking down barriers and making it easy for customers to open accounts online.

The company’s state-of-the-art white label platform can be integrated into customers’ existing infrastructure and resold to them, offering key features such as an orchestration layer, no-code building of new journeys, and a faster route to increased sales. advantages.

companies like trans union, Experian and Refinitiv Already reselling Zenoo technology to banks, wealth managers and luxury goods providers for customer onboarding, the organization NASA You used technology to onboard your employees.

A step forward in onboarding

Experian General Manager Ivo Kolev Comment: “Since partnering with Zenoo, we have been able to deliver projects in weeks instead of months or years. ”

In addition to this Gareth Walker, Global Head of Client and Digital Onboarding at Refinitiv, explains how Zenoo optimized the journey and enabled customers to consume data services with no coding required. Providing access to our services in record time while maximizing the number of clients they convert. ”

Other similar implementations of the platform include rent money while optimizing conversions by 1158% Yoma Bank We have more than doubled the number of customers we can onboard per day.

Additionally, the founder of Zenoo stuart Watkins “Our goal is to help businesses tackle the thorny problem of effective digital onboarding and improve the customer experience for regulated businesses.

“With Zenoo, you can say goodbye to complicated API connections and Seamless UXWe are pleased to offer a one-stop solution for the perfect onboarding experience,” concludes Watkins.

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