Zilliqa ROLL1NG THUND3RZ Web3 console, ecosystem launches soon

Zilliqa co-founder Max Canteria announced the launch of the ROLL1NG THUND3ERZ, calling its progress so far a “monumental achievement.”

“I think this is a great model for us as long as we carefully select the right people with the right background and the right vision of how to build a sustainable business for the long term.”

Canteria was talking to Zilliqa’s head of gaming. Valentin Covelea and sweet About the future of Web3 games when the announcement was made.

ROLL1NG THUND3ERZ Refers to Web3 games and hardware companies. ROLL1NG THUND3RZ develops fun games using blockchain rather than adapting blockchain technology to games.

“ROLL1NG THUND3RZ’s philosophy is to build fun games that leverage the unique capabilities of blockchain, not the other way around.”

No Zilliqa console required

In September 2022, Zilliqa announced plans to launch a Web3 gaming console, saying it planned to bring millions of non-crypto users into its ecosystem.

The announcement was accompanied by a photo of the prototype, showing various ports such as HDMI, Ethernet, USB-C and USB 3.0. However, the details of that hardware were kept secret at the time.

Since then the console says “Lightning 1ngBut today’s announcement makes it clear that you can access the “gaming hub ecosystem” from your desktop without a Lightn1ng console.


During the AMA period, Coverea The name ROLL1NG THUND3ERZ was inspired by the lyrics of AC/DC’s song Hells Bells and captures the project’s “forces of nature” approach to gaming.

In describing what the company does, Cobelea said: ROLL1NG THUND3ERZ is more than just a game studio. The company also emphasizes and develops tools that enable any developer to build games and his dApps.

“In the long run, you can’t just make a game. need to do it.”

Commenting on the importance of the Lightn1ng console, Cobelea said it offers a plug-and-play way to access optimized versions of the hub.

However, as for the Lightn1ng console facing uphill battles with Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo, Cobelea said that in addition to the ledger and crypto mining capabilities, “there’s a Web3 component,” so the company won’t be in direct competition. said.

The company is aiming for a March 31st release of the hub.

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